Sales for Non-Salespeople Workshop

We Will Help Take The Fear Out Of Selling

Sales for Non Salespeople coaching and training will take the 'Fear Out of Selling'. If you have to sell but you are not a sales person this is for you.

'Sales for non-sales' will help learn you how to find potential customers by showing you how to use your natural existing life skills in a non-salesy way so you are able to sell.

Sales training to improve Selling skills for non-sales people

Hands up if you've ever wished you could influence people at work much effectively? Or perhaps seal more deals and improve your company sales? 

Then read on, for a course that could make your job easier and more effective!

Updating sales skills is vital

If you’re in any form of business sales role, then learning the latest techniques and tips is crucial. Alongside growing your confidence and communication skills. 


Because according to one research company, 77% of executive buyers believe salespeople don’t have a good enough grasp of their issues, and how they can address them.

That’s a lot of potential b2b sales you could be losing, from lack of insight! (source: Forrester Research - 7 Alarming Sales Performance Stats )

Everyone needs the ability to “sell”

However, this training course is not “just” for salespeople.

If your role involves talking to customers, colleagues or suppliers, then in effect it always involves a degree of “sales”. Whether you are “selling” your ideas, suggestions, instructions or requirements.

If you have a small enterprise, then your whole team is effectively your sales force! Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to present your products and services in a compelling way.

That starts from the top – with owner-managers confident and adept at using every opportunity to sell – or upsell – and achieve profitable growth.

But what if you – or your team – have no sales background or experience? How can you improve to effectively communicate and collaborate, sealing more deals?

Flexible and inclusive sales skills training and coaching

Our “sales for non-sales” course is the perfect solution. It’s sales training that is effective and valuable for a wide range of people, in many different job roles.

The course can equip you with practical skills, valuable insights and a new level of confidence. To help you to make a big impression, when you inform, instruct, persuade and coach other people.

And of course, it will help you to improve business to business sales too!

Benefits of sales skills training

Having greater confidence and ability in sales brings a competitive edge for your organisation.

Are you wondering how to find potential customers? Perhaps you need to sell more to your existing contacts or sell to them more often?

Are you a new business start-up or a relatively young firm, unable to invest in massive salaries for high-paid sales professionals?

With this course, you can create measurably effective sales skills. It even provides great results for attendees who are reluctant to take up a sales role.

It provides fascinating insights into ways to build sales relationships, cope with objections and setbacks, and convert sales leads.

Unleashing the sales abilities of you and your team can bring quick results. And not just in terms of securing more business. Having in-house sales excellence can save you money, with less need to rely on costly sales support services.


Valuable new skills and confidence for all

This course explores tangibly effective techniques for a wide range of "sales" functions.

It even includes Telesales training, to ensure you and your organisation maximise on sales opportunities via telephone calls, as well as face-to-face.

Remember, it’s not simply for business owner-managers or executives who are “front-facing”. It can bring business advantages in other ways.

Did you ever wish you could sell your ideas better in the boardroom or among your executive team?

Would you like to negotiate better deals with suppliers and influence other contacts in a constructive way?

Perhaps you want to sell yourself better, showcasing your skills and contribution to secure a promotion or a new job?

Even your everyday communications in meetings can be greatly improved because this sales training course offers robust measures and more self-assurance, to attract and hold attention from all sorts of target audiences. 

Why this course gets results

One of the main reasons our course has such as strong track record for success is it’s based on tried and trusted principles. These include traditional business to business values, such as demonstrating your competence and warmth to seal a deal.

None of the gimmicks or “whistles and bells” you get on some B2B sales training courses. Just effective sales techniques you can use every day.

Eager to know more? Ready to take a step to greater sales success? Get in touch to see if we are a match with each other and if you think we are we can discuss the best coaching and training for you.

Bill Hamilton Operations Director of PrePress Services Ltd had this to say

“Received excellent training on how to improve sales and increase confidence in a sales environment for our technical staff.

Excellent motivator with loads of tips and techniques that produce great results.”

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What will you Learn? 

  • Learn about the sales cycle and how it affects you
  • Build a kit of sales prospecting tools to help you generate new business
  • How to identify potential customers
  • Overcome your fear of picking up the phone and talking to potential clients 
  • Cover the 6 main objections and how to handle them
  • How to deliver a presentation to an audience and close the sales
  • New skills, tips and techniques to help you win new sales

What you can use?

  • Develop professional sales questioning strategies and listening skills
  • How to identify and find new profitable opportunities and to be able to actively, listen and respond to questions and concern
  • Develop a process to properly qualify opportunities
  • The referral golden ticket to increase your sales
  • New confidence and understanding on how to be successful in sales

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