Live Monthly Sales Coaching

Improve your performance, boost your sales and increase your profits

Learn new sales skills and build your sales confidence so you can generate new leads and turn them into new customers.

With live monthly sales coaching and weekly video tips

Learn new sales skills and build your sales confidence so you can generate new leads and turn them into new customers.

If you are worried about winning new sales or are losing sales because you don’t

  • have the selling skills
  • know how to go about looking for new customers
  • know how to talk to, meet or get the attention of new customers
  • have or lack confidence in your ability to sell you and your offerings
  • know how to find potential customers


With the live coaching and weekly video tips you will

Increase your sales confidence – you will have approaches and techniques that will give you the confidence to talk to potential customers and engage them in way that builds their confidence in you t

Increase your sales figures – you will have new selling skills that will enable you to develop and implement new sales strategies and plans that will generate new opportunities that turn more potential customers into new customers and increase your sales


If you want to increase your sales confidence and improve your sales numbers my low risk ‘Live Monthly Coaching’ will help you.

The cost is only £60 per month including vat

Every month you will get

  • One live monthly sales coaching sessions
  • One video sales tip every week

The format of the live monthly session will be:

The first 30 minutes will be on a sales topic or issue that is causing problems for businesses like yours.

The once a month live coaching session will cover one sales topic and over time will include tips, techniques and strategies in;

How to get over a positive message to your customers?

  • How the use of certain words can make a difference
  • The best answer to the question ‘What do you do?”


How to add value for the customer and importantly to you?

  • What customers are looking for from you?
  • How to recognise and handle certain customers?
  • Why you should talk about benefits and not features.

How to prospect for new business to business sales

  • The approaches to generating leads
  • Using the phone
  • An approach to handling objections


How to qualify opportunities

  • Why questions are the answer
  • Presenting your offer
  • Closing the sale


The second part of the session will be an open forum where I take questions from you and the other attendees about current issues stopping them winning new sales. I will look at these and come up with ways to resolve the issues so that it takes away what stopping you selling.


The weekly video tips will cover subjects such as:

How to Network

  • approaches and words to say to start a real sales conversation

How to Handle objections

  • face to face and on the phone to help move the sales opportunity forward or to kill it

How to prepare for meetings

  • preparing for a meeting and the importance of covering all the angles

How to put together winning proposals

  • Putting together a proposal to fit in with your culture

How to manage existing accounts and customers

  • the importance of building several business relationships in each customer account to increase chances of regular revenue and jobs

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.

This is a low risk investment with high return.

I will limit the numbers to each session so that you get full attention and value from your time.

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