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  • Where: Webinar - On-Line - 4.00 pm UK
  • When: 23rd April 2019
Sales for non-sales on-line sales training course - Prospecting to generate new leads

Sales for non-sales on-line sales training course - Prospecting to generate new leads

We are excited to be able to now offer our successful Sales for non-sales course on-line.

The live webinars will involve a lot of education, interaction and experience of how to be successful in sales.

The focus will be to cover the three key areas in selling which are the 3 P’s

  • Psychology
  • People
  • Process

Over the six-weeks we will cover all three so that it gives you a strong foundation of why the psychology of selling coupled with selling skills and a sales process is the way to achieve sales success.

The sessions will be held once a week and will last one hour per session sometimes a little longer. The session will be recorded so that you can watch them again as many times as you like.

There will be several short guides, tips and techniques that you will have access to, so you can use them for your own selling activities.

As an additional bonus you will have the opportunity to have a one hour 1-2-1 personal sales coaching session with me on topics suggested by you. This will give you the opportunity to focus on your own sales activities so that it increases your chances of winning more sales.

The cost of this six week on-line course is £750 including vat

If you use the discount code SFNS you will get a 20% discount which means the cost will be £600 including vat for the full six week course and one personal 1-2-1 session

To book your place on the course just click the Buy Now button


You will then receive a welcome email with a link and the date to join the next session

This weeks session is about Prospecting for new business

Over the six-week period we will cover the following topics:

Sales Psychology

  • Why people buy
  • What they buy
  • How selling can influence the buyer
  • How to get over a positive message to your customers?
  • How the use of certain words can make a difference
  • What customers are looking for from you?
  • Why you should talk about benefits and not features.

Sales Strategies

  • Prospecting, Referrals, Getting the Appointment

I will share with you the strategies that can be implemented. These will cover pile them high sell them cheap to the consultative selling approach. I will cover the development of a sales strategy and implementation of a sales campaign that will include all the potential lead generation activities.

As part of this section of the course I will cover cold calling – every sales person’s nightmare! I will give you the questions and answers to overcome the six main phone objections.


  • Body Language, Verbal & Non-Verbal, Asking (More) Questions

This part of the course will show the power of communication verbal, non-verbal and written. I will focus on the power of positive language, words and actions

The activities covered will be

  • Body Language
  • Using the phone
  • Positive words – written and verbal

During this section I will share with you that ‘Questions are the Answer’.

I will highlight the three types of questions – Open, Closed and reflective – and why reflective questioning is so under used yet the most powerful.

I will show you how to recognise individual’s personalities and how best to deal with them over the phone or face to face

The Sales Call

  • Objection Handling, Negotiation, Presentation

I will take you into a sales call so that you are aware of the need to prepare, plan and execute at the right time strategies and techniques at every sales call and negotiation meeting. I will also drum into you the importance of upselling in any opportunity.

The two main areas of a ‘salespersons fear’ are cold calling and objection handling. This activity will show you how to understand why customers have objections and how to overcome them.

I will then introduce a six-step process and give you a structure in how to handle an objection.

Closing the Sale

As part of the closing the sale section of the course I will cover the key elements of presenting a proposal and why it is important to talk about the client and not you.

I will stress the need in presentations

  • To engage the clients and not to bore them
  • How to use statistics for your benefit
  • Why you should use testimonials
  • Why benefits are the most important part of your presentation

I will also give you several closing questions that will help you win new business.

The Learning Outcomes

You will: 

  • Be guided through the techniques, tips and strategies
  • Understand the principals of the selling and be able to apply the new knowledge into working practices
  • Be able to actively, listen and respond to questions and concerns
  • Be able to deliver a presentation to an audience

The take away’s

You will get as part of the course the following guides and tips

  • Building your elevator speech
  • Handling Objections
  • Meeting Planner
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire
  • Qualification Questions
  • Reminders from Sales Session 2019
  • The 16 questions you must ask at a meeting with a new prospect
  • Using the phone effectively
  • The top 16 persuasive words

To book your place on the course just click Sales for non-sales on-line course

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