How to grow your business with just 6 sales & marketing tips and ideas

13th August 2018

We are all looking for the secret sauce to help grow our business whether it is a new sales tip or a new cool and windswept of technology.

I saw this article on line  and thought it was worth a read.Anything that gives me six tips to grow my business and only takes five minutes to read is fine by me.

Apart from the six tips and ideas the article by Matt Goldman of Tenfold hands out he also shares some interesting statistics around Sales and Marketing. 

There were two that stood out for me:

  • Video accounts for 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, according to Cisco Visual Networking.
  • According to the 2016 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail is expected to experience a 19% decline over the next 12 months

It looks like my face for radio has to be in front of a video camera a bit more and I may have to stop sending ‘three-foot skeletons’ in the post at Halloween saying “Using the phone to cold call shouldn’t be scary’

(If you want to improve your phone skills read our blog Improve Phone Skills)

The six tips and ideas for effective Sales and Marketing from the article were:

  1. Research
  2. Create Effective Content
  3. Pay attention to SEO
  4. Develop Podcasts
  5. Become social media savvy
  6. Stay in contact

Number 1 is about research and is an essential activity before you kick-off any new sales drive.

Working with a client recently on a new product and service for their company we spent a full session on research and developing an ideal target market and prospective customer.

The session actually helped develop a couple of new opportunities that they client didn’t realise which made it a great use of theirs and my time.

Number 2 Creating effective content has been covered in many other articles and columns and again is something that we all have to do.

Number 3 Paying attention to SEO  is something that I have been focussing on since the turn of the year. The reason this caught my attention was that at the end of the year I did a review of where my business came from and I was surprised at how much came from our website on the back of SEO.

This is something I will continue to do and I would encourage you to have a serious look at it. Since the turn of the year I am getting more leads from SEO and my website than ever before.

Number 4 Develop Podcasts isn’t something I will be doing as I don’t really see the value of them. I listen to a lot of free podcasts ranging from sports to business which I find valuable and entertaining. The fact is I have never bought anything because of listening to a podcast.

However my number 4 is that I am about to start delivering on-line webinars and coaching which will allow me to work with clients across the UK and overseas without the need for me to travel.

Number 5 Become Social media savvy is indeed something that I try to do but at times fail to keep updated. What I am doing and will continue to do is focus on LinkedIn as its not just a Social Media platform but a valuable sales tool.

When you read this statistic below it makes sense especially as my business is in the B2B space

  • LinkedIn has 450 million members, with a reported 25 percent active on a monthly basis;

Number 6 Stay in contact is very important but I would say if you can stay visible as well as continue to make calls and send personal emails it will help your sales and marketing efforts.

One way I have started achieving this is that I now use Google My Business more and it is bringing more visitors to my website

Overall Matt has published an excellent article which has some good ideas and tips that I will use and I believe they could be useful to you as well.

You can find and read the complete article at


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