4 Steps to Improve Sales Prospecting

24th May 2019

You can't qualify or convert leads you don't have in the first place. Here are four ways to attract them by making it personal that will help with your prospecting.

Anything that improves sales prospecting sounds good to me and even as an ‘old-hand’ I always like to hear about different approaches and ideas.

I came across an article by Dave Kerpen, on the first read, I didn’t agree with most of what he had written however I read it again. This time over a coffee which meant I took my time and read it properly.

I may still not agree with his second point about sending emails (GDPR) but I do agree with his other three steps and certainly agree that keeping your prospecting personal is a great way to build relationships.

In fact, Dave quotes this statistic

“Using a personalized approach is a proven success. Seventy-nine per cent of companies that outperformed their revenue goals have a personalization strategy in place” (I have left the ‘z’ in personalised as Dave is from the USA)

His four steps are all about connecting with your leads

  1. Geotarget your audience
  2. Create emails that will sidestep the spam folder
  3. Fine-tune your website
  4. Lure them through your gate



His first step is about targeting the right people for your business which is something we should be doing.

Recently this topic has come up in several discussions. Most people agree that companies should have set target account names but most leave it like that then just let the salesperson get on with it.

Adding to point one I think that your target audience should be account managed with a multi-level strategic approach.

If you think that your target company is a good fit for you, you believe your offering would be of value to them and there is evidence that they have used a similar offering in the past you should be actively managing and building relationships across the organisation.

It is great to have a target list, but you must do something with it and that doesn’t mean “I send them an email every week”

In fact, this gives me an idea for a future blog on how to manage accounts when prospecting.

To help you with developing a target list we have a webinar coming up soon which covers this subject “Develop a Sales Strategy to Scaleup Your New Business


The second step he suggests is about sending targeted emails to potential clients however with GDPR in place this to me is not something I would suggest.

My view on this has changed since GDPR and my belief is that we shouldn’t be sending unsolicited emails anymore. A better approach would be to use a ‘referral’ email approach which I know works better.

Whenever anyone says to me that they have been busy this morning as they have sent out fifty emails to prospects, I just smile and a lit bit inside me dies!

The response I give is to say that there may be a better way so let’s have a look at a few options. The response I want to give is to go into a Malcolm Tucker from ‘The Thick of it’ rant.


Here is a collection of  Malcolm Tucker rants. (Warning Extreme Foul Language)


Steps three and four, fine-tuning your website and luring your potential clients through the gate are great tips but if you are a small business this can be a challenge.

If you are a larger organisation it is key that you work with your marketing and IT teams in much the same way as Lewis Hamilton works with his Formula 1 team. To read a previous blog on this subject click this link Lewis Hamilton, Valtteri Bottas and Mercedes F1 Team Can Teach Us a Lot About Selling


If you are a small business the best option is to improve your website a little bit at a time but don’t try anything too ambitious. Your best option is to get someone else to do this and outsource it to them so you can focus on doing step one in this article.

Step four is about creating and offering your potential clients something that is of interest to them so that you can start to build a relationship.

Think about developing something that is of value to your prospects but doesn’t take you too long to develop and deliver.

As an example, we offer our ‘The free SMILE Sales Confidence call’ which proves very popular and is of great value to anyone who is successful in booking a slot.

We also have our online community sales tips and ideas platform which is free to business owners and sales professional. To register free please click Michael McMeekin’s Community

To read the full article from Dave Kerpen, founder and CEO, Likeable Local

Just click this link

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