7 reasons why people buy a product or service and 6 ways to build trust

26th November 2018

“What drives someone to buy something? The simple answer is that they either want it or need it. But there’s more to it than that. Every purchasing decision has an underlying motivation that we, as business owners, marketers or copywriters, need to identify.”

Read this interesting article from Steve Manning that gives you the seven reasons why people buy which may help you understand your potential customers better

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The importance of B2B sales skills to business owners

19th November 2018

We all know that B2B businesses need customers to survive. No customers, no money, no business. It’s as simple as that. But when it comes to getting customers and selling services and products to other businesses, that’s where a lot of businesses fail.

If you do not have enough B2B sales leads or opportunities this article will give you a good start with advice of how to improve your B2B selling skills.

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How to Approach New Sales Prospects

22nd October 2018

Making an approach to a new sales prospect is never easy, especially when this is something you don't do very often, or you know they may not know about your business.

Sales people do this every day. But for most business owners, we are often so busy running our company and delivering products or services for clients that we don’t always have time to approach new prospects on a regular basis.

This article will take a few minutes to read and give you tips on how to find new prospective customers.

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