We help individuals and companies improve their sales skills in traditional selling such as using the phone and how to prospect for business.

Our sales training and sales coaching includes good old topics such as:

  • Phone skills to improve your sales
  • B2B selling and campaign to target and win your ideal clients
  • Presentation skills to dazzle your prospects and customers
  • Prospecting skills and activities

Have a look at a fantastic company, KoCoS UK, who have improved their prospecting and sales numbers.

KoCos case study

Alongside our training we have coaching to help development your sales strategy, sales process, sales campaigns and activities 

This includes skills and knowledge with services that will help you win new clients:

  • Development of a sales strategy
  • Development of a sales campaign
  • Development of your sales process for both inbound and outbound sales activities

Take a look at Sci Tech solutions who needed a sales campaign that ended in new customer wins.

Sci Tech Solutions case study

We provide 1-2-1, workshop, training, coaching on an ad-hoc and retainer basis. We offer remote sales coaching using our on-line platform so you don't need to leave your office.

We even work on-site with some clients to manage their sales meetings and improve their teams selling skills by listening and watching them selling to customers in live sales situations.

The strangest fact is that we deliver a lot of sales training to individuals, owners, teams and departments that aren’t directly involved in sales but do deal with customers. Our ‘Sales for Non-Sales’ training has fundamentally changed and improved many people’s sales skills and helped increase sales as well as building their confidence.

Whatever you do for a job, which ever sector you are in, whether you have sales experience or fear being thought of as being salesperson but need to improve your selling skills we can help you.

Why do we think we can help you? We know we can help as we have been in your shoes and know what the feeling of not knowing how to sell but needing to sell feels like. We will share all of our experience with you.

Give us a call what have you got to lose? Here is the number 01916403731 or call me direct on 07809423668

“Thank you for all of your help over the past year, it really means a lot to us. Since our sessions, we have gone from strength to strength regularly bringing in new clients and we continue to implement the advice you gave us.”

Steven Pattinson - Blue Bandit Media


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Meet the Team

Michael McMeekin

With over 30 years' experience in all areas of sales, business and training gained in SME, large and corporate companies, Michael is the best person to help your dramatically improve your confidence in selling your products and services.

This experience has successfully been used to help individuals and companies win new business. His approach is one of common sense, simple advice and guidance that builds confidence in all those that work with him.

Michael McMeekin
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