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Sales Scaleup Growth Programme to Win More Sales

Studies have shown that those that develop and implement a sales strategy and process grow quicker than those that don't have a sales plan.

This Programme includes sales training and coaching is about winning more sales using successful sales techniques, strategies and processes that will help grow your business.

Sales Scaleup Growth Programme is aimed at owner-managers of businesses or mangers of sales team who want to increase their sales and grow their company.

The programme will help you find new sales opportunities and win new customers as well as increase business with your existing clients.

The Growth Programme will help you if you:

  • wish to become more proactive in your sales approach.
  • want to generate new sales for your business
  • want to achieve significant growth over the next few years.
  • want to know how to motivate and manage your sales people

Although no two companies or individuals are the same, our commitment to you would typically look something like:

  • Initial one day understanding your company and formulating the sales plan and programme plan for the year ahead.
  • Over the project period there will be several days (The days may be split into half days) dedicated to you that may include meetings with clients, sales activities, 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring and regular sessions over the phone and face to face to reviews that will include:
    • The review and management of agreed action plan(s)
    • The understanding of current sales and marketing activities
    • The review and management of the sales pipeline
    • The management of sales meetings
    • The Sales performance against target (company and individual)
    • The identification and agreement of the  next steps and actions

By the end of the programme you will have identified the core message of your business, and taken several action steps towards identifying, qualifying, and acquiring your ideal new clients.

Scaleup North East

By following the action points and activities covered in our Sales Growth Programme, you are guaranteed great return on your investment on your sales campaigns.

Previous delegates have gone on to achieve outstanding results, both in the short and long term.

  • A Teesside manufacturing company winning two new large clients in only sixty days
  • A Newcastle company winning six new clients worth over £100,000 in revenue in only three months
  • A North East based company that has grown over the last nine years to join the North East Top 200 companies
  • A North Tyneside company winning so many clients that they had to employ twenty new staff in twelve months

How do we do it?

By using a mixture of

  • traditional sales skills
  • latest sales tools

Deliver coaching and training in various formats and styles including

  • Workshop
  • 1-2-1
  • On-Line
  • Telephone

Options for the programme

We have three choices for you on the ‘Sales Scaleup Growth Programme’.

  1. The DIY choice

A one-day workshop that will give you the skills, approaches, techniques and processes that you can take away and implement yourself

  1. Sales Scaleup Growth Plan

An agreed project plan with a set number of days and agreed deliverables that will have a start date and an end date. At the end of this engagement you will be able to manage the sales growth as you will have everything from the DIY option as well as a sales plan with actions that can be reviewed, measured and managed.

  1. Sales Scaleup Growth Plan Extra

The ‘extra’ choice will have all the above from both options as well as an agreed number of days/sessions to continue to review, measure and manage the sales plan for an agreed time after the sales plan is implemented.

In your opinion, would this be of benefit to you?

If you think this would help you the next stage is to give us a call to organise a meeting and then we can sit down. discuss your options, pricing and agree the best way forward for you.

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