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  • Where: North Tyneside Business Centre, Saville Street, North Shields, NE30 1NT
  • When: 15th October 2018
How to Sell even if you are not a sales person

How to Sell even if you are not a sales person

If you think you can’t sell, you don’t have the confidence to sell or you don’t know how to approach or look for new customers this workshop is for you.

You may have been an engineer for many years or have a technical background. You may be a new business owner with an idea or you have never had to look for new customers before and bang you suddenly find that you have to sell yourself and your products.

This workshop will give you approaches, tips and confidence to improve your sales so that you are able to sell without becoming a pushy sales person.

The session is all about improving your sales skills and sales confidence. It will cover subjects

  • The Psychology of Sales and how it can work to your advantage
    • Why people buy
    • What they buy
    • How selling can influence the buyer


  • How to find and approach strangers and potential new customers
    • What to look for in finding new customers
    • What to say and how to start an engaging conversation
    • How to recognise different personalities to enable you to get on with anybody
  • How to put together your sales message
  • How ask questions to find out if you can help your customers
  • How to put together a sales plan that will help you win business
  • How to close a sale and win new orders

The session is aimed for those people selling to other companies (B2B) and consumers (Retail and B2C). It is not for those people who are selling on-line although you will pick up some selling tips and skills

The learning outcomes are that you will:

  • Be guided through the techniques, tips and strategies
  • Understand the principals of selling and be able to apply the new knowledge into working practices

This workshop is run by specialist sales consultant, Michael McMeekin of Arrow Sales Training Limited. 

Venue is the North Tyneside Business Centre, Saville Street, North Shields, NE30 1NT

Starts at 10.00am and finishes at 1.00pm

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I was a little bit hesitant to start with but once we got going we made real progress and I am delighted with the success of finding new customers.
Aidan Murrel - SciTech Solutions
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