Grow your business by getting Sales and Marketing working together

24th July 2018

A simple idea to grow your business

Grow your business by getting Sales and Marketing working together?

A short while ago I had a conversation with a marketing manager who was a bit pissed off with his sales team. He said they wanted everything on a plate and expected every lead to be ready just to drop into the 'sales closed' pile without a lot of their effort.

At one stage he even asked his sales team if they wanted him and his marketing team to pick up the phone for them.

Here is a fact from an article I read which may surprise you

“Companies that manage to strengthen the ties between the two departments reap substantial rewards. Case in point: Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment enjoy a 20 percent annual growth rate. Companies that struggle with this alignment, however, face a 4 percent decline in revenue. In other words, seamless integration means more than mere kumbayah; it means money”.

The article titled “Marketing vs. Sales: Their Major Difference and How They Work Together” written by Dan Sincavage who is the Co-Founder of Tenfold.

If aligning sales and marketing can help you enjoy a 20 percent growth rate isn’t this something that we should be doing more of?.

In several projects we are now working on both marketing and sales are involved in the development of the sales process and campaign which is reaping rewards.

In his article Dan comes up with a few ideas for the two team to work together including sitting down together however he suggests a good first action is for sales and marketing to recognise each other’s needs.

In a recent this is what was found out:

Sales identified the following desires from marketing:

  • Better quality leads (54 percent)
  • More leads (44 percent)
  • Competitive information and intelligence (39 percent)
  • Brand awareness (37 percent)

In the same survey, marketing identified the following needs from sales:

  • More effective lead follow-up (34 percent)
  • Consistent use of systems, such as Customer Relationship Management software (32 percent)
  • Feedback on marketing efforts and campaigns (15 percent)
  • Consistent use of messaging and tools provided by marketing (13 percent)

Take a read of Dan’s article in full which I enjoyed reading. At the same time it made me smile a few times as I rembered some of my previous ‘head to head’ with marketing.

Marketing vs. Sales: Their Major Difference and How They Work Together

My favourite part of the article is

““As long as you are selling to homo-sapiens, the fundamental motivations to buy and the skills to obtain purchase commitments will remain the same. People may go about selecting a consultant, a cloud-based storage system or a box of cereal in a different set of steps, but people buy emotionally and justify their decisions intellectually.”

Sales and marketing skills have remained the same, buyers have remained the same however the tools have changed with the advance of digital technology.

Many of the tools overlap with both departments so It is now imperative that any organisation aligns both sales and marketing so that there is one process with agreed actions, activities and objectives.

If you are looking to get your marketing and sales on the same page give me a call for an initial conversation and we can see if we can help each other.

The article does highlight the need for a sales and marketing process so that you can review, manage and change as your business grows.

If you are thinking of scaling up your business this is essential.


(If you are based in the North East of England visit Scaleup North East ran by RTC North )

If you want to know why you should have a sales and marketing process read our previous articles Why Your Business Would Benefit From A Sales Process’ and How to Build Relationships and Close More Sales

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In my years of experience I have personally had and still work with companies who are frustrated with their current sales performance. The frustrations range from:

  • Not finding enough B2B new prospects and leads;
  • Wasting time with the wrong prospects;
  • Not winning any sales
  • Preparing and delivering far too many proposals that don’t turn into orders.

If you have any of these frustrations, please give me a call so we can start a conversation.

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